My name is Ariel Crocitta,
I am the owner of Darcos Tango.
First of all I wanted to thank you
are interested in the characteristics of our products.

Are you looking for more comfort when you dance tango?

"Learn the 7 benefits you gain by using Darcos Tango shoes"

1 - You can dance more than 2 hours straight without getting sore feet

2 - You can feel comfortable to step on and perform tricks

3 - You will know the quickest and easiest way to get a sandal

4 - You will feel safe using a refined and elegant taco

5 - You'll gain comfort in using a lightweight and flexible shoe that allows you to dance all night

6 - You can wear a colorful and stylish shoes in the wide variety of models we have in stock

7 - You receive the shoe in just 4 days anywhere in the world (only shoes in stock)

You are here to solve all your problems with the tango dance shoes and wonder:

What do i have for you?

I want you to know that when using a Darcos Tango Shoes, i am sure then call me and tell me: "Ariel!, You were right, I feel better for dancing." I want to feel safe and dance all night, and this is achieved through the features handmade shoes Darcos Tango. The inner sole is specially designed for dance shoes. Also, I'm sure he's looking for a shoe that is flexible and light, and that is one of the main benefits available to us when using our models. But that's not all, will not have to worry about the difficult task of setting the buckle of the shoe, because it uses a special design that makes it extremely easy to put it, buckle adjusts only once and is subject to the shoe. I want to stay with the comfort that you can use whenever you want without worrying about the taco. This is thanks to the nerve of steel that is within him.One of the questions I do when my clients to buy our shoes is how to be sure the size you normally use is the same that we use. In 98% of cases the size of our shoes is the same that you use regularly. Otherwise we will exchange for correct size.


I am sure you are satisfied with your purchase so that I guarantee the repayment of money in 30 days if I do not meet their expectations. Our satisfied customers have made Darcos Tango is the company best-selling tango shoes in the world.

Want to know how to choose your model? Let me help

The high-heeled sandals (10 cm. O 8 cm.) They are designed especially for women who want to be the center of attraction of any milonga. All have the benefits I've said before, so you do not have to worry or be alarmed at the height of the taco. You can dance without any pain all night.

The low-heeled sandals (4cm.) are made to help all those women who do not feel committed to dance with a high heel, but want to maintain the prestige and presence.

The Classics are the perfect shoes for those women who want to be always in style using the shoes that will be combined with any garment and achieve greater elegance and comfort.

Salsa shoes

are for women to dance. They are specially designed to perform the best tricks with the greatest ease and safety.
Salsa dancing with a handmade shoe
will allow you to Dance with maximum comfort and safety.

Men's shoes are known for their excellent and distinctive design over the other models offering customers Darcos Tango men. There is no shortage in the milongas and are the perfect combination of comfort, beauty and personality.

The practice shoes

are specially designed for those dancers who spend long hours on the dance floor. Are made with extra material and have a flexible leather sole which allows better adhesion to the soil is non-slip and lets you feel the most of every step for a walk right into the dance. Its main feature is that they do not cause foot pain.

The Practice sneakers

are the main feature of having a block of only 3.5 cm high, which makes you feel very safe when using them. Also, like practical shoes and salsa, have leather soles and super flexible materials so they could be many hours dancing without feeling pain. There are a wide variety of modern designs and colors.

Is all the benefits that we can offer, but are you not happy yet? Let them explain the comfort of using Darcos Tango

* "Use shoes because a friend had recommended and I do not really regret it. They are very comfortable "(Erica Rodriguez, Arizona, United States)

* "The shoes are really beautiful and very comfortable. And thank you fast delivery, since I live in Paris and arrived in 5 days" (Mery Dugarry, Paris, France)

* "I want to stress that I have solved a problem that had always been hard, my feet get tired faster. Often I had to change my shoes for sneakers. I loved the coupling system in these shoes" (Elena Stzpfuel, Berlin, Germany)

I know that and be happy with the shoes, and as I think much of you, I have a new site and want it to be the first to know ...

I said at the beginning you think you are making an investment for their welfare. So I think the best way to combine the comfort and beauty with this shoe is achieved using our clothing line.

Babucha Pants are popular in Buenos Aires and the world, represent comfort and the best dance partner at the time to train.

The Shirts match perfectly with any casual dress and you can use for both training and to show off to your friends.

The Costumes were designed so that you can use them with shoes and feel like a real dancer.

Although it seems that I have shown all I want you to know that this is only the beginning of the long road to its comfort and elegance to dance tango. I invite you to enter and explore the site and within each section you will find more surprises for you.

Ariel Crocitta Owner of Darcos Tango

PD: Every day that passes without using Darcos Tango shoes no longer have the pleasure to feel quite comfortable while dancing.

Remember that if you are not satisfied with the shoes can request a refund.