I am Ariel Crocitta

DarcosTango Holder

Thank you for visiting this page.

I have interest you explore the possibility of selling our shoes, in the area where you live.

As you know, Darcos Tango has a wide range of products that are very profitable to be sold anywhere in the world.

If you are a dance teacher, has a milonga or you are linked to the world of tango, you have the potential to get significant additional income by selling our products.

Many people began selling shoes for dancing tango, making it as a secondary activity, and they have so success doing so that it becomes their usual occupation.

As part of Plan Darcos Distributors Tango you can select from our wide variety of models of shoes tango, salsa, design, low-heeled, classic shoes, more varied practice, and our clothing and items for the tango.

Remember that you also can create and design your own shoes for your market.

With Tango Darcos you can earn with minimal investment.

But, anyway, you can ask yourself:

What advantages do I have to choose Darcos Tango?

• Because of choosing us is guaranteed the security and confidence than Darcos means to the world of tango, which will give a plus of credibility when the customer makes his purchase.

• You will have access to more than 50 different models, for a minimal investment, as you you can choose a shoe for each model and offer a wide variety to your potential customers.

• You'll get a username on the system Darcos Dealers Tango, this will guarantee you access to the different models of stock so you can see all models available for immediate delivery.

You can order the models you want and will be shipped the same day, so that in just 5 days will be available in your store.

Shipments are made by courier service, delivered door to door with a delay of no more than 5 working days.

This will allow you to agree a delivery date with your customer immediately, if you don't have the shoe on the time of purchase.

• Also, becoming part of the Plan of Tango Darcos distributors you will receive a permanent free advice on marketing from the company.

Your name, telephone number, country and address appear on the page so that new customers looking at Tango Darcos website know you are a representative in the country where you are.

The page will be continuously informed visitors about the festivals in which you participate too.

We offer the opportunity to be part of Darcos Tango with the Plan of Distribution, in the same way as our distributors in Italy, Netherlands, USA, Germany, Greece and other countries which have started with minimal investment.

We are sure that with an initial stock of 15 or 20 pairs, together with advice and expertise of our dedicated staff you will find a great opportunity to do big business.

If you have concerns, I am personally willing to talk with you, and together find the formula for you to begin selling Darcos products, and I am sure that together we can do business.

Write to me: ariel@darcostango.com with a copy to mayoristas@darcostango.com and I will contact you as soon as possible.

To learn more about us I invite you to know the new Megastore Darcos, recently opened in Sarmiento 835, Buenos Aires.

I invite you to walk together.

Yours sincerely,

I am waiting for your query,

Ariel Crocitta,
DarcosTango Holder